Aims and Objectives

Aims and Objectives This association is organized for educational, scientific and humanitarian purposes, The aims shall be: To promote evidence-based medicine in accordance with the Islamic principle of truth (haqq). To prmote the CanMEDs physician competency framework. To provide health related services to communities in need, both locally and globallly.

To facilitate an understanding and improve relations amongst Ahmadi Muslim Physicians and other allied-health professionals in Canada. To help Ahmadi Muslim health related professionals strive for achieving excellence in education and research. To develop interaction and cooperation with other medical organizations in Canada. To assist international medical graduates, in orientation, adjustment, and licesure.

To encourage medical education and delivery of better care in underprivledged countries by arranging for donation of medical literature, medical supplies and visits by specialist doctors. To help increase the knowledge and expertise of physicians working in hospitals in underprivileged countries.

To assist its members with CME (continuing medical education) and promote confidence to attain distinction in their professional careers.

To infuse in its members with the spirit of devotion, dedication, honesty, and ethical conduct in accordance with Qur’anic principles in all professional and personal matters.