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NusratJahan Program

The NusratJahan program was launched by HadhratKhalifatulMasih III (rh) in 1970 for the welfare and betterment of the whole world, especially the under-developed regions like the African countries. Many schools, hospitals and medical centers have been opened under this scheme in different parts of Africa.

There is dire need of medical professionals and paramedical staff in various countries of Africa. The NusratJahan program needs doctors who can dedicate their services in Africa for couple of months or years. Recently arrived medical professional from Pakistan can also participate.

If you are interested, please contact the national general secretary of AMJ Canada, Mr. Sabih Nasir at gs@ahmadiyya.ca



HadratKhalifatulMasih III


Ahmadiyya Community Hospitals

  • Fazl-e-Omar Hospital, Rabwah, Pakistan
  • Ahmadiyya Hospital, Techiman, Ghana
  • Ahmadiyya Hospital, Asokore, Ghana
  • Daboase Hospital, Daboase, Ghana
  • Ahmadiyya Hospital, AgonaSwedru, Ghana
  • Ahmadiyya General Hospital, Apapa, Nigeria
  • Ahmadiyya Hospital, Mbale, Uganda
  • Noor Hospital, Qadian, India




Fazal e Omar Hospital, Rabwah, Pakistan

Fazl- e- Omar Hospital, Rabwah is a leading private healthcare institute in a rural area of Punjab, Pakistan. It is run by the Ahmadiyya Jamaat. Founded in 1958 it has now become one of the finest medical facilities in the area providing hospital services not only to the local community but also to patients from distant towns and villages.


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With a roofed area of 115,000 square feet, 150 beds and highly trained medical staff, Fazl-e-Omar aims to provide up-to-date medical care in major specialties such as medicine, surgery and pediatrics in a caring environment. Last year more than 140,000 patients were seen in the outpatient department.


The hospital is funded by charitable donations and patients are treated regardless of their ability to pay. No distinction is made on the basis of color, race, gender or religion. Every patient is treated equally.


With the opening of a new modern gynecology/obstetrics unit, Begum ZubaidaBani Wing, in early 2003 and a major new 6-storey cardiac centre, Tahir Heart Institute, in 2007, Fazl-e-Omar is set to become one of the best medical facilities in the area.


The hospital has modern medical and laboratory equipment and well trained staff to use them. A blood bank is located next to the hospital. General, Orthopedic and Cardiac surgery is performed routinely.


The hospital is also visited by foreign doctors who provide consultancy and medical services.


Over the years the work of the hospital has brought a good name for the institute and Ahmadiyya community.